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As seen in the first installment of this blog, success comes in all shapes and sizes. From college dropouts to those with PhDs, the ability to become an entrepreneur has no restrictions. Check out a few more influencers that are admirable to many.


Richard Branson

The Virgin Group founder is well-known around the world for creating an empire in various industries that impact all areas of the world. Virgin now owns over 350 companies within technology, transportation, and entertainment industries. As the main provider of train travel in the UK, Branson’s visionary work helps the world as we know it function with ease. From the music around us to the way we are transported, Virgin is a company that supports the backbone of the world of business. With all of his success, he has remained humble and accepting of all people in our world. In his most recent endeavor, Branson hopes to be a pioneer in the intergalactic tourism industry with Virgin Galactica.


Jeff Bezos

This influencer is another instance where many people don’t know his name but they have likely used his company more than once. If you have yet to hop on the Amazon bandwagon, I highly suggest you try it sooner than later. Bezos had a simple vision of selling books online while driving across country. After getting investments, took off and became a huge provider of quick service and affordability. Today, Bezos is in close competition with Bill Gates for highest worth individual. Amazon is now involved in almost every industry out there from groceries to technology and there is no sign of them slowing down anytime soon.


Elon Musk

A new face to the entrepreneurial game is the man behind the first self-driving car. CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk has made a name for himself in various aspects of the technology industry over the past 10 years. In addition to his work with Tesla he has also founded Space X, a rocket company which is forecasted to change the way that space travel is approached. Musk’s impact on technology is bound to continue over the years and will likely be a pioneer for innovations beyond our wildest imagination.


These entrepreneurs have helped to influence many aspects of our daily lives. Technology, food, travel, and shopping have all been drastically improved and adapted thanks to these great minds. Hopefully, their stories and success can help motivate any aspiring entrepreneurs out there!