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Climbing the corporate ladder is the goal of most people who start at the bottom. Unfortunately, it can seem difficult in an era where most companies promote from the outside. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to climb the ladder of success.

Be Visible

Your should always seek out visible work. If there is a high-profile project at your place of business, make sure you are a part of it. If the boss is visiting your facility, make sure that you happen to be around when he or she is on tour. While hard work can get you very far, it’s hard to get promoted when no one knows who you are. Simply being recognizable to the people at the top can go a long way.

Promote Yourself

In addition to being visible, it’s important to promote one’s self in a business environment. If there’s an opening for a position of authority, put yourself forward for it. If there is a chance for more training, sign up. Take every chance to get in front of the people who make the decisions and remind them of your existence. It might seem like you’re going too far in trying to get your name out there, but you’re really being your own best advocate. Take a chance to promote yourself whenever it is reasonably possible.

Know Your Worth

The employees that tend to be promoted are those who understand their own value. These are the employees that jump at leadership positions, have fair assessments of their own skills, and aren’t afraid to walk away when things aren’t working. Those who work quietly without respect won’t miraculously climb the corporate ladder – only those who are willing to admit that they have some worth to the company will ever make it anywhere.

Keep At It

Finally, you should always make sure to keep pushing forward. If your initial attempts to get a position don’t work out, switch tracks and shoot for something new. If you can’t get face time with your boss, keep trying to schedule a meeting. If those in charge of promotions see that you’re willing to work through obstacles, they’ll understand how valuable you can be to a business.

Be visible, promote yourself, know your worth, and keep working towards promotions. The more you do, the better your chances will be. Promotions don’t come to those who sit back and wait, so go out and make a name for yourself.