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It’s something that everyone has heard in their life and it has held true through many generations. In your professional endeavors, “you have to start somewhere”. Most of us have been told this when we accept a job that we are overqualified to do. Often, we accept such a position to “get a foot in the door” at a business or in an industry that we want to grow within. Taking such strides in an organization requires hard work and dedication. From your first week to a few years at a company, impressions should be made throughout your entire journey.


Have Concrete Goals

When you start out in your career or in a new position, define where you would want to end up. Choosing your path might take some time and figuring out. Whether it be CEO or a department director, setting a timeline is crucial to actually making it happen. Your goal setting and trajectory will depend on the desired end-goal. Actively working towards the desired position will often entail setting smaller milestones along the way. When you have a concise understanding of what you want, and when you want it, the hard work can begin.


Acquiring Skills and Experience

Once you’ve decided on which position is your ultimate goal, you’ll need to comprehend the necessary requirements for the job. If aiming for an executive position, additional education might factor into the requirement. Starting on an additional degree shortly after settling into your initial role can give you a jump start. As the world of technology continues evolving, it is crucial to keep your digital skills sharp. Whether it be learning how to code, social media tactics, or SEO practices, most technology related skills are in high demand these days.



No better advice has been given to a professional than the importance of building relationships. This not only speaks volumes within your company but outside as well. Your reputation is everything in most industries. Setting the tone for yourself in a new place of work often stems from your previous employers in the form of references and recommendations. Within your office culture, don’t be afraid to let your personality shine. While doing your work comes first, it is crucial to network with people in your office from all departments. The more people who know your name (in a good way) the higher your chance of moving up gets. Being social is easy! If you can, attend all company social and networking events. Being friendly and sociable could get you that promotion thanks to the relationships you build.