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Have you ever wondered how super-achievers keep everything together? It isn’t a magic secret, nor were they born with superhuman powers. They understand the best practices to staying organized.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways that entrepreneurs can stay organized like super achievers to skyrocket their achievements.

They review their goals

Every day without fail, superachievers take a look at the tasks facing them and prioritize them based on a system that will get things done. Studies show that 80% of forward-motion in business comes from doing just 20% of tasks. Those are the tasks that make all other tasks both easier and possible to do. Look at your to-do list and instead of working from the top down, prioritize tasks that follow that formula. What’s the one thing you need to do today that will make all other tasks on that list possible? Do that and then continue to work from there.

They delegate

Super achievers know what their strengths are and they understand how to delegate tasks to get more things done. You don’t have to do everything yourself. Not only is there no glory in doing everything yourself, but by doing so, you are at serious risk for burnout. Look through your to-do list again. What tasks can be done by someone else? Of those tasks, which ones will free up your time and willpower if you delegate them? Think of forward-motion again. Choose the task to delegate that will move the rest of the list forward and get on with it.

They say no

And they say no a lot. It isn’t about being negative. It’s about learning to prioritize. Identify the one major task you need to accomplish for the day, the one that makes everything else possible, and then don’t do anything else. Don’t drop it to help someone else. Don’t get distracted by a shiny new thing. Don’t get bored and get coffee. Do the task.

Learning to prioritize, delegate, and understand what your goals are every single day will help you get more things done more efficiently. It isn’t about slamming halfheartedly through a bunch of things. It’s about learning to hack your organization so the pieces fall into place and you finally start seeing results.
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