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When trying to succeed in your career or maintaining your home life, it can be easy to feel under pressure due to outside elements. Whether it’s your boss telling you to meet a deadline or you’re trying to get enough time with each of your kids, it’s easy to fold under pressure. If you want to remain peaceful in the midst of chaos and get through the challenge, there are a few ways to avoid folding when you feel pressured.

Have a Sense of Purpose

Having a sense of purpose can allow you to get through the challenging times and remain focused when you’re struggling to keep up. Your actions should be guided by a sense of reasoning to ensure that you can emerge from a difficult situation. You’ll need to ask yourself how you can get out of the mess and clean up the situation instead of asking why the mess has occurred, which can make it easy to become frustrated and stressed.

Allow Yourself to be Editable

You can make yourself more resilient while under pressure if you make it a point to self-correct during the process. Allow yourself to realize that you may be wrong and learn from the mistakes to ensure that you can continue to thrive in tense situations. Growing as an individual will help you to avoid as many challenges in the future if you know how to prevent them. Many leaders make the mistake of becoming stubborn or assuming that they always make the right decisions without balancing strong convictions.


According to, meditating for 10 minutes each day can allow you to control your stress levels and think clearly when the pressure is on at work. Meditation is also proven to make it easier to focus and even improve your memory, which can allow you to thrive as a professional.

Talk to Yourself

You may become fearful or buckle when you feel pressured, but self-talk can prove to be useful by choosing to listen to yourself. Tell yourself that you’re strong enough to get through the challenge and that you’ll find the solution to the problem. Remind yourself that becoming under pressure is normal and that you’re capable of succeeding. Speaking in the third-person is proven to reduce anxiety and make it easier to think clearly when you’re beginning to feel overwhelmed.