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Being in leadership in an organization comes with a full list of challenges. While this is true for any organization, there are even more unique challenges faced by an entrepreneur. Below is a list of challenges all entrepreneurs face, and some ways to overcome them.

Overseeing Everything

At the start, being an entrepreneur will most likely mean having to oversee almost every aspect of the business. This is especially true concerning small start-ups, as they will most likely not hire a huge support staff.

Hiring the Right Employees

This piece of advice comes from Mark Sanborn’s article. Hiring the right people is always a bit tricky and can have hidden consequences. For the entrepreneur, the decision of who to hire is critically important, as most start-ups do not have enough money to make mistakes on this issue.

Mentoring Employees

This suggestion comes from this article on the Center for Creative Leadership’s website. Because of the nature of being an entrepreneur, the task of mentoring new employees will most likely fall on their shoulders. This can be a difficult task for some, as mentoring might not be a strength.

Now that some of the challenges of being an entrepreneur have been discussed, it is time to look at some strategies to overcome them.

Become a Good Manager

This strategy comes from the Center for Creative Leadership’s article. To succeed as an entrepreneur and not get burnout from trying to run the startup, good managerial skills must be developed. According to the article, these include being able to delegate, set goals and prioritize tasks, among others.

Hire the Right Employees

Mark Sanborn makes clear in his article, linked above previously, that hiring the right people does not necessarily mean the best people. The right people to hire are those who will make the whole team better, rather then just themselves. Be sure to consider how potential employees will work with the team as a whole.

Hire Self-Starters

By hiring self-starters, mentoring can become slightly easier, as the employees themselves will want to learn and develop. This does not take off all the responsibility of mentoring, but it can lessen the need to constantly be helping the new employee.

In the end, being an entrepreneur is exciting work. That being said, it comes with its own unique challenges. Hopefully this article outlines some of those challenges, as well as highlights some solutions.