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If there’s a drop left, the cup isn’t empty.

Sam Zherka

Sam’s goal is to empower people to take charge of their own lives as he provides the much-needed advice, encouragement, and resources that they need to thrive. Simply put, Sam Zherka invests in people and relationships. He believes that every single person has unlimited potential to offer the world, and yet all too often they fall short of reaching it, whether they’re discouraged by financial woes or full-on resigned to a fate that society has convinced them they deserve. As a consultant, Sam is passionate about helping people reclaim their lives and their futures.

What exactly drives Sam Zherka to help others in this way? A man of passion and of principle, he credits much of his perspective to his upbringing. He was raised alongside his seven siblings by his parents, both of whom suffered torture and oppression under the Communist regime in their native country of Albania for years, all because they spoke out against tyranny and spoke up for freedom. In the early 1960s the couple were finally offered asylum and passageway to the United States, where they lived humbly as Sam’s father worked around the clock in various maintenance jobs to support his wife and children. Eventually Sam’s mother sought and secured work cleaning buildings in Manhattan as well.

Sam Zherka’s  parents’ powerful messages of freedom, justice, and equality rang just as true in the United States as they had in years of oppression and struggle in their native country. Now, they worked tirelessly to support themselves and rise up without ever accepting welfare or any other type of government assistance. One of Sam’s most impactful childhood memories is of watching his father dress up in a suit to go to his daily job of cleaning toilets — because if he was going to clean toilets, he was going to be the best at it. This dedication and adherence to excellence eventually helped Sam Zherka’s father stand out as a professional, and he ultimately was able to buy an apartment building and rent it out to tenants. Sam frequently helped his father collect rent, which launched his own interest in real estate and solidified his belief that he could (and must) travel the road to great success, no matter long or how arduous — just like his parents had.

Recognizing potential

Creating value

Building relationships

Over the course of Sam Zherka’s career in real estate investing and development, he mastered the art of creating value in commercial property and multi-family residential properties. His track record demonstrates excellent relationships with his lenders over the decades, and he is highly acclaimed in the industry for helping his clients to add hundreds of millions of value in assets as they develop their portfolios. In the 1980s and 90s, Sam worked with Manhattan Savings Bank, Bankers Federal, Dime of Williamsburg, and North Fork Bank. In the 2000s, Sam developed more successful relationships with Capital One, Signature Bank, Investors Savings, and German Financial.

Sam Zherka has achieved his own American Dream and has been an inspiration for countless budding young entrepreneurs and investors over the years. He believes that achieving personal success isn’t enough; we need to then seek out ways to help and give back to others. Sam hopes to do public speaking and motivational events down the line.

Sam Zherka resides in New York with his wife and eight children. In addition to his consulting, he is a humanitarian who enjoys donating to charitable organizations and assisting many in need on an individual basis. He is currently mentoring his children in business.